5 Must-Have Amenities for Luxurious Road Trips in a Class B Motorhome

Many people new to Sprinter Camper Vans make the mistake of thinking that you need a big Motorhome to enjoy a luxurious road trip experience. This couldn’t be further away from the truth. Class B Motorhomes can offer a similar, if not better, road trip experience than larger Motorhomes can do. The trick is to pick a Class B Motorhome that is equipped with all the features needed to make your travels memorable. Today we will present the top 5 must-have amenities for a luxurious road trip in a Class B Motorhome.

#1 Quality Interior Design

You need to think of the Camper Van’s interior as your living area. This is no longer a vehicle that you use to get from point A to B. Therefore, the quality of the Class B Motorhome’s interior design is very important so that you can enjoy a luxury experience. Premium Class B Motorhomes like the Grech Strada are equipped with a slew of features and amenities designed to provide passengers with an experience similar to a luxury apartment. Here is a breakdown of the interior design features you will find in a top-quality Mercedes Motorhome such as the Grech Strada:

  • Ultra-leather seating surfaces;
  • Hardwood cabinets;
  • European veneers;
  • Solid Surface countertops;
  • Table with mount system (idea as a work-from-home setup).

#2 Bathroom

Even though Class B Motorhomes are the smallest category of luxury campervans, premium models will include a bathroom. Whether you are planning to camp in a dedicated RV parking area or the woods, it’s always better to have your own bathroom that is equipped with a shower area. In fact, you can go for high-class models like the Terreno 4×4, which is equipped with an innovative Timberline System that ensure a continuous flow of hot water and heat. The Timberline System is fueled by Sprinter diesel, and it runs quietly!

#3 Fully Equipped Kitchen

Having access to a fully equipped kitchen is essential for all sorts of road adventures, and this is why we include it on the #3 spot on our must-have amenities for a luxurious road trip. No matter if you plan on bringing some food with your along for the ride and don’t want to cook, you will appreciate having a microwave or stove to heat it up. Luckily, most Class B Motorhomes ship with a fully equipped kitchen that includes features such as a sink, counter, refrigerator, and stove.

#4 Designated Sleeping Area and Comfortable Bed

The magic of going on road trips with Class B Motorhomes is getting to spend the night wherever you want. Whether it’s close to a fishing lake, in the heart of the mountains, or a camper parking space, a designated sleeping area that is paired with a comfortable bed is essential. You will be able to relax after a long day of driving and wake up refreshed to do it all again. If you choose to invest in a premium Mercedes RV Van like the Turismo, you will have a memory foam power sofa bed at your disposal on your adventures. Therefore, you will always have a good night’s sleep, no matter where you might be stopping for the night.

#5 Ample Storage Space

Since Class B Motorhomes are the smallest in the camper category, you need to make sure that the one you pick offers ample storage space. One of the best things you can do is to select a Mercedes Motorhome that is equipped with cleverly placed cabinets and mounting systems that optimize the available space. This way, the vehicle will not look and feel cluttered. All your items will be placed in cabinets so that you have enough room around to move freely.


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