What is a Class B Motorhome and What are the Most Common Features?

Are you thinking about buying an RV? If that is the case, the first step is to decide what type of RV you need. You can choose from the following RV classes: A, B, C, and Super C. The Class B Motorhome is the most popular one because of its compact size, long list of luxury amenities, and easy driving. Today we will present everything there is to know about the Class B Motorhome and what are its most common features.

What is the Class B Motorhome?

Class B Motorhomes are the smallest RVs. They are designed for smaller groups and range between 18 to 24 feet in length. In general, this type of RV is not equipped with slide-outs, but this doesn’t mean it compromises on luxury. The compact design of Class B Motorhomes is equipped with all the luxury amenities RV fans have grown to love. Amenities such as a full kitchen, sleeping area, flush toilet, and more.

Thanks to the smaller size of Class B Motorhomes, they are ideal for people who wish to use them as their everyday drive. The RV will fit into a regular garage, and since it’s smaller and nimble, it’s easier to drive. In fact, Class B Motorhomes are the most popular choice for off-road and driving on narrow roads by people who enjoy stealth camping. It’s also important to mention that due to the small size, Class B Motorhomes have greater fuel economy than all other RV classes.

You might hear RV enthusiasts refer to Class B Motorhomes as “camper vans”. This is because most Class B RVs are built on a van chassis. The Grech Strada RV flagship model is an excellent example of that being built on the iconic Mercedes-Benz van chassis. The only downside of choosing a Class B RV is that the size makes it suitable for smaller groups. In general, they are best suited for sleeping two adults.

Class B Motorhome Most Common Features:

Below you can find a list of the luxury amenities available on Class B Motorhomes:

Designated sleeping area

While Class B Motorhomes are designed for smaller groups and don’t have slide-outs, they always come with a designated sleeping area where two adults can comfortably sleep.

A full kitchen

It’s common for Class B Motorhomes to be equipped with a complete kitchen space that features a sink, counter, refrigerator, and stove.

A bathroom

Most Class B Motorhomes are equipped with a bathroom. In addition, premium models like the Grech Strada Motorhome are equipped with the Timberline system that ensures a continuous flow of hot water.

Offroad tires

Since the small size of Class B Motorhomes makes them great for offroad, they often come equipped with a set of offroad tires that can handle any 4×4 mountain trail.

Storage space

Despite being the smallest of the RV class, Class B Motorhomes maximize every inch available. Therefore, you will also have storage space for hiking gear, clothing, kitchen ingredients, tools, and more.

Class B Motorhomes are the best choice for people who are just getting started with camping and want to buy a vehicle that can fit the entire family. This RV class is also considered a budget choice because it offers excellent fuel economy, and since it’s smaller, it doesn’t cost as much as a Class C Motorhome that can provide sleeping space for up to 8 people. Despite the smaller size of Class B Motorhomes, you will still receive access to luxury amenities and modern features.

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