Setting the Bar in the Class B Luxury

Setting the Bar in the Class B Luxury: 10 Must-See Features on the Grech RV Turismo

Welcome to the world of Grech RV, where the convergence of luxury and mobility crafts the ultimate travel experience. Our legacy is built on three exceptional models: the Strada, the Terreno, and the Turismo, each designed to cater to discerning travelers who seek unparalleled comfort and performance. Dive deeper into our commitment to excellence by checking out “The Art of Perfection: How Grech RV Luxury Motorhomes Are Made,” which offers a window into the meticulous creation process of our luxury motorhomes.


The Grech RV Turismo: A Synthesis of Luxury and Functionality


At the forefront of our fleet is the 2025 Grech RV Turismo, a masterpiece of design that establishes a new benchmark in the Class B motorhome category. The Turismo doesn’t just meet the standard—it creates it. With a commitment to superior fit and finish, every inch of the Turismo speaks to a level of luxury that is unmatched in its class.


Engineering Excellence: The Foundation of the Turismo

The 2025 Turismo takes its first breath riding on the cutting-edge 2024 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 144” chassis, an embodiment of vehicular prowess. Its heart beats with the strength of a dynamic 4-cylinder Diesel High-Output engine, which works in harmony with a seamless 9-speed transmission. This powerful duo grants every driver the confidence of forceful performance paired with the elegance of a smooth ride.

The GrechRV Turismo welcomes you into a realm where luxury seating converges with ultimate sleep comfort. Step into an oasis where the rear seating is more than just a place to rest; it’s a retreat crafted from the finest Ultraleather, offering a sitting experience that soothes and supports. When night falls, the sofa effortlessly transitions into a bed, where the memory foam mattress, sized perfectly for two, promises a sleep that rejuvenates, leaving you refreshed for the day ahead.


Unrivaled Comfort: Ultraleather Rear Seating and Memory Foam Power Sofa Bed

The Turismo understands that the key to an enjoyable journey is the ability to relax fully. The seating area strikes the ideal balance between enduring comfort and wear resistance, inviting you to unwind in style. The sofa easily converts into a welcoming sleep space when the stars come out. The memory foam mattress, broad and inviting at 66 inches wide and 73 inches long, promises a sound night’s sleep, recharging you for whatever lies ahead.


Finely Crafted Interiors: Elegant Storage Solutions and Durable Flooring

The cabinetry within the Turismo is a showcase of fine craftsmanship and elegant storage solutions. Constructed from premium Swiss Chrono hardwood, the cabinets marry form with function, providing spacious storage with an air of sophistication. Underfoot, the Chilewich woven flooring is not merely a foundation but a statement in resilience and style, ensuring the interior ambiance is both welcoming and enduring for the miles to come.


Modern Entertainment on the Go: Your Living Room on Wheels

The Turismo reimagines mobile entertainment, giving you a front-row seat to your favorite media even while encased in nature’s embrace. Centered around a 24-inch LED Smart TV, complete with Blu-Ray/DVD capabilities and an enriching soundbar, your cinematic and auditory experiences are elevated to new peaks. Tailor your entertainment needs with ease, thanks to a state-of-the-art directional antenna and readiness for satellite TV, keeping you linked to the world’s stories no matter your location.


The Heart of Turismo’s Power: Efficient and Self-Sustaining Energy

The pulse of the Turismo’s vitality lies in its innovative electrical framework, a testament to Grech RV’s commitment to progress and sustainability. At its core are two robust 100-amp-hour lithium batteries complemented by a 200-watt solar panel system from Zamp. This duo of clean energy is managed by a potent 3,000-watt Xantrex inverter and an intelligent Multiplex wiring setup, offering the assurance that the comforts you enjoy are carried with you seamlessly into the wilderness.


Luxurious Bathroom: Enclosed Wet Bath and Vanity

The Turismo’s bathroom combines luxury and functionality with its private enclosed wet bath, featuring a window and privacy shade. A molded sink with vanity mirror, handheld showerhead, and ceramic toilet with foot flush offers the conveniences of home in a compact, efficient space. The retractable clothesline is a thoughtful addition, proving that no detail has been overlooked in the design of this exceptional motorhome.


Premiere Gree A/C Unit: Unmatched Efficiency and Quietness

Introducing the latest advancement in climate control within the Turismo: the Premiere Gree A/C unit. Equipped with a robust 15,000 BTUs and an integrated heat pump, this air conditioning system redefines comfort with its unparalleled efficiency and silent operation. It is engineered to be 30% more efficient with less amp draw than other market options. The distinct quietness of the unit promises an undisturbed environment, whether you’re lounging in the daytime heat or nestled in for a restful night.


Advanced HVAC and Plumbing: Diesel Powered Timberline System

Comfort extends to Turismo’s HVAC and plumbing systems, with a diesel-powered Timberline system that provides continuous hot water and efficient heating. The freshwater pump system ensures you have all the amenities you need for comfortable living, supported by an intuitive monitor for keeping track of tank levels.


Sleek Exterior: Custom Fiberglass Body and Power Awning

The Turismo’s exterior is just as impressive as its interior, featuring a custom fiberglass body kit and power awning with LED lighting. The RV window package, power entry step, and utility center for LP, cable, and water connections combine functionality with an aesthetically pleasing design, making the Turismo a head-turner at every stop.


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: The Robust Foundation of the Turismo

The Turismo is anchored by the sturdy and robust foundation of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, renowned for its reliability and strength. Cutting-edge driving enhancements, including an intuitive in-dash navigation system, meticulous rear parking sensors, and a vigilant backup camera complement this chassis. The addition of sleek aluminum wheels and a swivel seating arrangement for both the driver and co-pilot ensures that your travel is safe and represents comfort at the wheel.


Tailored Spaces: Adaptable Floor Plans for Every Traveler

The Turismo’s array of floor plans is crafted to adapt to a broad spectrum of travel desires and styles. Opt for the 19-foot Tour version, which offers ample seating for four and cozy sleeping quarters for two, or select the Twin Bed layout that provides an intimate setting for two, both for seating and slumber. Each configuration is meticulously designed to utilize the available space efficiently, creating an environment that meets your needs without compromise.


Sustainable Mobility: The Clean Energy Advantage

Setting a new standard for eco-conscious travel, the Turismo is powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery system. This innovation phases out the need for propane generators, offering a hushed and eco-efficient alternative. The remarkable ability to keep the air conditioning running for as long as 12 hours solely on battery power, along with the support of a robust auxiliary alternator and a solar array, exemplifies a commitment to sustainability while ensuring your journey is powered by reliability.


The GrechRV Turismo, including its variants – Turismo Ion, Turismo AWD, and Turismo Ion-AWD – represents the highpoint of Class B motorhome luxury and innovation. With features that cater to every aspect of the travel experience, from comfort and convenience to entertainment and sustainability, the Turismo is the ideal companion for those seeking to explore without compromising on luxury.


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