Self-sufficiency and Four-Wheel Drive in a Class B Motorhome

Class B Motorhomes are the smallest and most popular RVs on the market. Despite using smaller engines and having less space to work with, our premium AWD RV Class B models are self-sufficient. You are never forced to rest at camping grounds because you will have access to all the amenities you need for a great road trip.

Self-Sufficient Class B Motorhomes

As previously mentioned, Class B Motorhomes don’t benefit from a large operating area. However, models like the Grech Strada Ion show us that you can cleverly optimize every inch of the floor available to provide owners with access to all the features and amenities needed to make a Class B Motorhome self-sufficient. Therefore, you will be able to ride cross-country without ever having to worry about paying parking fees at camping grounds. Thanks to premium AWD Class B Motorhomes, you can also explore uncharted lands by driving offroad.

Here are the features that make an RV self-sufficient:

  • Power supply 

Having access to a power supply that uses solar installation is essential if you are planning to camp in the wild outdoors. The Grech Class B Camper comes with a 2,000-Watt Xantrex Inverter and two 100 AMP lithium batteries to ensure running out of power is not an option.

  • A functioning water system

When it comes to self-sufficiency, it’s not enough for the Class B RVs to have a large water tank. It also needs to use a heating system to provide you with a continuous flow of hot water.

  • Bathroom

A fully functioning bathroom with a toilet and shower is another essential feature for a self-sufficient Class B Motorhome. In general, Class B Motorhomes are equipped with wet bathrooms.

The most advanced lithium-ion battery system available in the camper van world for Off-grid Experiences

All RVs require power to run the electrical devices installed within. The power comes from shore power, batteries, or a combination of both if the RV’s electrical system allows that. Here at Grech RV, we took things to the next level and equipped our Ion-equipped Grech RVs with four 12V Lithionics Lithium Batteries. The innovative battery system uses an auxiliary 280 AMP alternator with Wakespeed Regulator and a 2,000-Watt Xantrex Inverter to ensure that the RV never runs out of power. The house batteries are located under the sofa bed on the rear side of the Motorhome to be easily accessible.

Our Lithionics batteries are the only UL Listed and UL Tested lithium-ion batteries on the market. With a high-output auxiliary alternator and 300 Watt Solar panel system, you will have peace of mind knowing that your lithium-ion batteries will stay charged for the journey ahead.

Our Ion package replaces the standard Propane Generator with a Lithium-Ion battery system that runs cleaner and quieter. The battery system provides a total of 1,260 AH (Amp hours) or 16,128 WH (Watt hours). As a result, the powerful 15,000 BTU Gree A/C system equipped on the Turismo RVs can run for up to 12 hours on battery power alone. It’s also worth mentioning that the Lithium-Ion batteries will recharge from idle whenever the RV is running. Therefore, you can go camping without having to worry about running out of power.

How does the system compare to others in the RV world?

  • 1,260AH (Amp Hours) is double the Coachmen Galleria which is 600AH per their website.
  • Our system provides 16,128WH (usable Watt Hours) – The Airstream E1 have a Volta 4 module pack with only 12,132 usable Watt Hours.
  • Grech RV is 35% higher capacity than Airstream E1.

The Pros of Having Four-Wheel Drive in a Class B Motorhome

Do you plan on taking your family on fun adventures in the wild outdoors? In that case, the Class B Motorhome you plan on buying should have four-wheel drive. This feature will make it possible to drive anywhere you want. Here are the main pros:

  • You can drive offroad;
  • The RV will have better traction (more control in rain or snow);
  • A higher ground clearance thanks to the all-terrain tiers;
  • Access to solar power.

It’s important to highlight that since four-wheel drive RVs are equipped with power supplies that use solar installation, you will be able to live off-grid without any issues. You can spend as much time as you want camping with your family. The kids can rest assured that their smartphones and tablets will never run out of battery.

If you are looking to have peace of mind for long journeys, choosing a premium Class B RV with lithium batteries is always the best decision. What’s great about lithium batteries besides the fact that they can power a Class B RV without any problems is that they are quiet and will recharge while the vehicle is running.

Embracing Independence: The Unmatched Benefits of Self-Sufficient Class B Motorhomes

Even though Class B Motorhomes are smaller, they usually have all the features necessary to be classified as self-sufficient. If you are planning on avoiding special camping grounds and want a more rugged experience instead, it’s advisable to pick a Class B RV that uses four-wheel drive. You will be able to get into hard-to-reach places and have more control in bad weather conditions. In addition, access to self-sufficient features such as solar power will make life easier when driving on unexplored lands.