Everything you need to know about showering in an RV

When you ponder life’s dynamics in a mobile abode, one question inevitably emerges: “Does that thing have a shower?” It’s not just idle curiosity; it’s an essential litmus test to determine if you’re cut out for life on the open road and a nuanced measure of your potential odor footprint in close quarters.

Get ready to be whisked away on an enlightening journey into the realm of RV showering. But fret not, you’re safe from any explicit shower selfies!

The Twin Facets of RV Showers: A Delicate Balance

Much like the people who inhabit them, RV showers come in two major types: dry and wet. In a dry bath scenario, akin to the layout in traditional homes, the toilet and shower are separated, ensuring the toilet remains a dry zone during your soapy escapades.

Conversely, a wet bath merges these spaces into one, creating a room designed to embrace the moisture when the shower takes center stage. Spacious Class C and Class A RVs, including the spectacular Grech RV models, often favor dry baths, given their generous space allowances.

Then there’s the eternal inside-or-outside conundrum. Showering can be an indoor affair or an adventurous al fresco experience. RVs can be equipped with hot and cold water supplies for indoor and outdoor showers. This is a true blessing for those whose spirits resonate with the call of the wild.

Water Wisdom: The Key to Effective RV Showering

It’s crucial to metamorphose into an adept system manager when embarking on the RV lifestyle. Yes, those long, steamy showers you relished back home must take a backseat now as you strive to conserve precious resources. Enter the art of the “Navy shower”, a military-grade method of showering that interchanges between water flow and silence, ensuring water conservation during lathering and rinsing.

From Sauna to Sanctuary: Managing Moisture in Your RV

Creating a sauna-like environment in your RV bathroom may sound exotic, but it’s an invitation for mold and discomfort. Your twin weapons in this fight are ventilation and elimination. RVs usually come with vent fans in the bathroom or elsewhere in the ceiling. Couple this with a good squeegee, a handy microfiber towel, and your wits to guide the residual water into the drain. Pro tip: hang your damp towels outside the bathroom door to prevent moisture buildup.

Creating the Perfect Showering Experience: Knowledge, Planning, and Mindfulness

A blissful showering experience requires thoroughly understanding your RV’s water system. Familiarize yourself with the hot water heater operations, the time needed for water heating, and the temperature settings available in your RV. A little planning, like arranging your shampoo, soap, razor, and towel beforehand, ensures a seamless showering experience.

Here’s a clever trick from our playbook: remove the bath mat before showering. Once you’ve conquered the suds, place it back to create a dry platform to stand on when you re-enter the bathroom.

Making the Most of Your Shower Space

While showering in your RV is a unique experience, some adventurers prefer using their showers for a different purpose – storage. It’s common to find RVers utilizing their showers as closets while they clean up at gyms, campgrounds, truck stops, or even natural bodies of water.

Also, your RV shower can be transformed into a handy drying rack for wet clothes or rain-soaked gear. So, even if it’s a shower, don’t let that name limit your imagination!

What to Bring for Non-RV Showers?

For those planning to shower outside the RV, a collapsible bag can be your best friend, aiding in transporting your clothes, towel, and toiletries. Hooks or loops on your items can keep them off the floor, and packing extra hooks can come in handy when the facility doesn’t provide enough.

The Final Rinse

In our pursuit of the ideal mobile abode, the ability to have a hot indoor shower was a crucial criterion. Although the fraction of time spent in the shower is minuscule in the grand scheme of the year, the comfort it provides has the power to transform our adventurous lifestyle into a true home on wheels.

To further tantalize your senses, here are the luxurious bathroom specifications for a Grech RV class B motorhome, whether it’s the Strada, Terreno, Turismo

  • Private Enclosed Wet Bath w/ Window and Privacy Shade • Molded Sink w/ Vanity Mirror • Handheld Showerhead • Ceramic Toilet w/ Foot Flush • Retractable Clothes Line

Remember, every drop of water, every lather, and every rinse is a testament to your spirit of adventure. So, the next time you step into that shower, embrace the experience, for it’s as much a part of the journey as the road ahead.

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